Spain offers one of the best and biggest real estate deals today, the reasons are due to a host of factors that make Spain the ideal country to come to live or vacation.

1-the Mediterranean climate: in southern Spain there is only 20 days of rain a year, the rest of the days the sun shines and the temperature ranges between 30 and 12 degrees Celsius. This allows what the Anglo-Saxons call “living al fresco”, enjoy a barbecue on the terrace of home, a glass of wine with friends, go out to take tapas on the terrace of any bar, etc. Outdoor sport activities and beach, especially a lot of beach.
2-Spanish cuisine: with the largest offer of restaurants with Michelin star of the world, eating in Spain is always a pleasure. The famous Mediterranean diet, rated as the healthiest in the world by nutritionists, is at the same time one of the most succulent.

3-purchasing power in Spain: In almost all parts of Spain living is relatively cheap. Rent rents are much lower than in the rest of Europe, for very little money you have quality of life. The food itself is affordable as well as delicious. In general terms for less money than in other countries you get the same thing.

4-Incorporation of the foreigner in Spain: Spain is a service-oriented country, more and more Europeans come from all over to reside in Spain, motivated by the three previous points decide to buy or rent a home in Spain. The services have been adapted to a foreign public, being attended in English, French, German and even other languages.

5-great real estate offer: the real estate market in Spain has traditionally been a very strong market, with better construction and an excellent variety. Avant-garde design and willingness to do well. The foreigner who comes to Spain finds the house of his dreams.

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